Celtic Cross I


Handmade ceramic cross

Each Celtic Cross is handmade with love using our own techniques, which make it so unique.
The clay is pugged and rolled, then cut to size for each individual item. The cross is dried and fired in the kiln. After the first firing we paint it with glazes, which give it colour, and we spend time developing and mixing our own ones. Afterwards the cross is fired once again in the kiln.

Each piece has our signature on the reverse and comes with a short description of the symbol’s meaning and technique used.
Our cross is easily hung, it has a recessed hole in the back which hook over a screw for secure hanging.
Because each piece is made by hand; expect slight differences in size, shape and glaze.

apx. 11 x 15,5 x 1 cm (4,3 x 6,1 x 0,4 in)

Meaning of Celtic Cross:
Symbol for Celtic Christianity that combines the traditional Christian cross with a ring through the cross’s intersection. The ring is considered a solar symbol of energy, a life source.

Additional information

Weight 450 g

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